The year 2024 is a year of expansion of the GYMIFY system to the world

Our software is currently used by hundreds of gyms and tens of thousands of gym-goers in our local markets in the EU. Since our vision was confirmed, we decided that 2024 will be the year of expansion into the world. We therefore offer you a unique chance to become part of the GYMIFY world and get exclusive conditions.

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For our foreign partners we offer the full version of GYMIFY for the whole year 2024 completely free

Do you run a sports facility and want to try out how GYMIFY could help you make your operation more efficient? So now you have the chance to use GYMIFY completely free!

There is no catch, we decided to take this step as we have built a stable position on the local market and it would be a shame not to provide our service to other customers. You thus have the opportunity to use a lot of great functions and participate in shaping the needs of global customers. At the end of 2024, you can decide whether you want to continue using GYMIFY and switch to one of the paid packages. We won't even ask you for any payment information up front!

Did we get your attention? Read on to find out what GYMIFY has to offer...

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Sure, but many functions didn't get here simply because we don't want to overwhelm you with details. Do you want to know what these details are, or do you have a request to add other functions?

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„Our vision is to connect the world of fitness into a single online software where all gyms and trainers will bring benefits and information to the people who are part of this world.”