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Fitness software for gym or fitness centre

Online booking system, membership, warehouse management and much more!

Be IN and try out GYMIFY! With our fitness and sports center software, you have your client's membership, booking system and attendance system for employees in one place. And that's not all. You can convince yourself...


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You will never ever loose a touch with your clients, our software will always let you know, when somebody enters your gym with the empty ticket.


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You are done with learning unfriendly and complicated software. A few clicks for everything. Our software focuses on automation and simplicity.


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Eating and training plans together with your clients and even you own memberships with the booking system for your trainings.


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Real time information from your gym, your training statistics and profile management, membership and booking system in one place.

How does it work?

Software GYMIFY is complete solution for fitness centres

Whether you need to manage membership, clients, booking system and much more, GYMIFY will provide you with strong software support. Together with the system, we offer unique client identification - every time the client visits your gym, he can see his current membership status, locker number, or win virtual awards. If you have a trainer in your fitness center, he can easily manage his own clients, their membership and reservations.

To see, how it works in reality, check a video below

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Complex reservation software GYMIFY is here!

Especially for sports clubs, training centers and fitness and wellness facilities, we have created a booking system and included it in a separate RESERVED plan. The reservation system offers everything you need in the field of sporting events. Of course there is a link with other key features of GYMIFY such as the possibility of using your own membership and client evidence. Whether it is a booking system for various sports facilities or the possibility of signing in for trainings and other events, you can find everything you need in the GYMIFY booking system for sports centers.

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client identification

Wow effect after the first beep quaranteed!

We use a tablet with contactless chip cards to identify your clients in our member system. We bring your clients interesting and easily accessible information. Your clients will never ask how much credit they still have in their ticket. They can see the status of their membership, products the bought during the training, right on the tablet. And a bonus? Birthday surprise after beep! Your clients will love it!

You are just a step away from your new online membership software

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Gym pricing

Our pricing is as simple as it can be!

No entry or hidden fees, no maximum clients registered, no maximum events created, no maximum employees tracked. Our software is per-feature charged. All you need for the system is computer, tablet, contactless cards and internet connection. Do not worry, we will help you with it! Just choose a plan you like and we will contact you within a few hours.


29€ / monthly

online gym profile

client interface

Rewarding system


Ticket rules

basic statistics

Export and data backup


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59€ / monthly



email / sms

In-app messaging

Lockers reservations

Advanced statistics

In-app notifications

Intern notes

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79€ / monthly


Forever statistics

Ext. modules (solarium...)

Employees administration

At-this-day reports


Events reservations

Sports booking (new)

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35€ / monthly

online gym profile

email / sms

Events reservations

Sports booking (new)





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Trainer pricing

Pricing for the trainer is even more simple. One plan, unlimited features.

It does not matter whether a gym that you are training in uses online software GYMIFY or not. If so, it will be even more simple to register your clients. Every trainer needs booking system, an easy tool to shedule his trainings and a tool to keep in touch with his clients.

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29€ / monthly

Custom mebership types

Plans sharing

Messaging / email

In-app notifications

Trainings sheduling

Reservation requests