from 39€/monthly

In the basic version of GYMIFY, you will receive from us what we at GYMIFY consider to be a necessary foundation for every gym. Simply much more than anywhere else!
Specify the number of places where we will place our tablets

What will you get from us?

Main modules
Choose the main functions you need for your gym
Additional services
Choose from other features we provide
Payment gateway  (3€)
Dotypos integration  (36€)
Multiple memberships  (5€)
Lockers reservations  (2€)
Membership sharing/transfer  (3€)
Payment terminal integration  (3€)
Email/sms newsletter  (6€)
Smart cards
Door access locks  (39€)
Multisport/Up Balansea  (4€)


A tailor-made price offer just for your gym!

The offer reflects the parameters set in the price list

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