1. Terms of use

1.1 Any user who visits the https://gymify.io web site is required to read the Terms of Use (Furthermore only "Terms of Use"). Anyone who disagrees with the terms of use of this site may not stay or use it.

1.2 The https://gymify.io web service (furthermore only GYMIFY) may contain links to third-party sites. The GYMIFY operator does not have any responsibility for the content of this site.

1.3 The GYMIFY operator also has no responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of the data available on the GYMIFY website.

2. Management of the sports center

2.1 A sports center manager is a person who performs work in a sports center related to checking and charging tickets and modifying membership. After login, the manager has all the functions associated with administering client membership pre-agreed with the sports center operator.

2.2 The manager may not misuse personal data available on the GYMIFY Web site or provide it to third parties. The manager must perform his work on GYMIFY site responsibly and with the knowledge that he is working with sensitive data.

2.3 The operator and / or manager of the sports center reserves the right to delete the client from the registered clients of the sports center. If the client does not have an account activated in another GYMIFY sports center, his profile may be deleted without the client´s notification.

2.4 The sports center operator is responsible for informing the client about the protection of personal data (see Privacy Policy)

3. Clients of the sports center

3.1 The sports center client has the opportunity to sign in with the login data provided to the sports center manager after registering by a sports center employee. Once logged in, statistics and information about exercises become available.

3.2 A client of a sports center registered in GYMIFY is obliged to become familiar with and comply with the General Terms of Use.

3.3 By signing in to your profile on GYMIFY, the client will get a unique account in which he can use a separate membership in multiple GYMIFY sports centers.

3.4 Signing in or using GYMIFY for a client of a sports center is not charged.

3.5 The client may use membership under his / her profile in multiple sports centers but must have active membership in the sports center in the form of an active ticket (the term "ticket" means membership provided by a specific sports center). After purchasing a membership in a sports center, this membership applies exclusively to the sports center where it was purchased unless otherwise decided by the sports center owner.

3.6 When activating a ticket to a client of a sports center, the client is aware of all the conditions that the given type implies, including its validity. Every sports center has its own conditions of using the tickets, so it is necessary for the client to familiarize with them.

4. Privacy Policy

4.1 All personal data on the GYMIFY website are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/ES (General Data Protection Regulation), hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Data Protection Act".

4.2 By providing personal data, the client of the sports center agrees to process it on the GYMIFY website in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Act.

4.3 Personal data are obtained from sports facility staff and they are processed for the needs of clients membership in a given sports facility. Personal data can also be used to improve the services of a given facility (e.g. to inform the client of ongoing actions, etc.).

4.4 When a member is registered, the personal data which are stored are necessary to keep a member´s record, his or her unique identification, or they can also be stored to and used to improve the services of the sports center.

4.5 In GYMIFY, it is possible to record the following personally identifiable information, which is divided into different categories as needed: name, surname, gender, date of birth, photo, email and phone number. Mandatory personal information includes name, surname, gender, and email. Gender is given to improve the services of the sports center. Email can be replaced with a nickname that can be chosen by the client. Photographs may be required in some sports centers to prevent membership card malfeasance or to prevent unauthorized use or access. A phone number and an e-mail can be used for the marketing purposes of the sports center. The phone number is optional personal information, because it is not required to uniquely identify the client. Date of birth can be used to improve the services of a given sports center.

4.6 The client has the right not to provide personal information. Such cases need to be dealt individually and it is up to the sports center operator to enable the client to use the services associated with the membership and how it will be made available to him.

4.7 The GYMIFY service uses a mobile application or identifying objects (cards, pendants, mobiles) to identify clients. It is necessary to sign in with login and password to access the mobile app.

4.8 Personal data obtained on https://gymify.io will not be provided to other persons, such as those authorized to manage membership of the sports facility, including its owner or persons authorized to manage membership in another sports center that uses GYMIFY, including its owner, and the client does not choose otherwise. Providing personal data to another sports facility is only made when the client requests to be registered in another sports center while already having a GYMIFY profile created. This action is done to unify the profiles of the client and also simplify registration in a new sports center when all that client has to do is to provide an email or username under which he was registered in a previous sports center. Such a client is then offered to choose a profile, when signing in to his account.

4.9 Clients of the sports center are aware that the first part of the rating will be displayed publicly (depending on how the client was registered with the sports center) when entering the fitness center rating. If an administrative error has occurred and the client has been registered in reverse order (Surname Name), the client may ask to edit the profile of a qualified sports center worker.

4.10 If sports center uses a tablet for clients identifying, information about the client's ticket, as well as the first part of the name, purchased items, the locker number or additional information about arrival or departure of the client are displayed on tablet screen. If a client does not wish this information to be visible, he / she has the right to ask a sports centre employee who is operating the GYMIFY service in the sports centre to manually register client´s arrival. As in point 4.8, if an administrative error has occurred and the client has been registered in the reverse order (Surname Name), the client may ask the sports center worker to edit the profile.

4.11 GYMIFY Provider is not responsible for unauthorized access to manager accounts due to inadequate password protection or computer hacking or attack. All sports facility owners are required to choose strong passwords for accounts that serve to manage their membership and regularly change them to prevent unauthorized access. The recommended strong password criteria are at least 8 characters, a combination of upper and lower case, digits and special characters.

4.12 A client of a sports center registered in GYMIFY service has the right to ask an authorized employee of the sports center in which he is registered to have client´s personal details removed without delay at any time. However, if the client is registered with multiple sports centers, it is necessary to remove the account in each sports center separately. The client also has the right to ask the GYMIFY service provider to remove his profile from any of the sports centers where he was registered. This right is based on the so-called "Forgetting of Personal Data" and, if possible, removal is done as soon as the request is received.

4.13 Clients are aware that people working with personal data on GYMIFY have access to the history of the client's actions that are stored as his or her activity. These include, for example, arrivals / departures to the sports center, change of credit, ticket status, locker number, sign-up or sign-out from the event and others. The history of the client´s actions serves as control information in case of doubt, or if the client does not agree with the credit status on his / her ticket.

4.14 The GYMIFY Provider accepts no responsibility for any administrative mistakes that may be caused by inattention or by other factors. Managing GYMIFY content for a specific sports center is reserved exclusively for the owner or staff of the sports center.

4.15 The available GYMIFY https://gymify.io URL is secured with encrypted HTTPS protocol that provides secure data transmission. The GYMIFY server is also secured against the most common way of attack, for example SQL Injection.

4.16 All passwords to user profiles are encrypted at the database level to make it impossible to easily read passwords in case of a security breach.

4.17 The email or phone number provided in the sports center may be used by the GYMIFY operator to improve its services, inform users about news and changes, or for marketing purposes.

4.18 The client has the option to cancel sending of promotional or informational emails to his mailbox after signing in to his / her GYMIFY account.

We try to protect your privacy! If you have any comments or questions, please contact us. The way you can contact us can be found in the header of these pages in the "Contact" tab or on the main page in section Contact .

*Note. https://gymify.io or GYMIFY is a membership software designed for sports facilities associated with the clients interface and the promotional / information section of the site.

5. Using Cookies

5.1 The GYMIFY service uses cookies and other temporary files that are used to improve the service, and ensure the correct working of the site. We will call that files with the common name Cookies for the ease of naming. These files are saved locally to the GYMIFY user's browser on different devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets. We use cookies if you have a GYMIFY account or if you are using https://gymify.io website.

5.2 These files typically allow the temporary storage of information that GYMIFY uses to simplify access and to its proper function.

5.3 If a user who visits https://gymify.io or any of their subdomains does not agree with the use of cookies, they are required to immediately leave the https://gymify.io website. The user then has the option of deleting cookies from their browser.

5.4 For example, we use cookies to:

5.4.1 Gather and analyze web site traffic with Google Analytics, whose output serves to better customize the use of our service.

5.4.2 Information about the logged-in users which can help us to identify you after your first login and make the login easier for you the next time.

5.4.3 Better security of our service, which also increases the security of recorded data

5.4.4 Setting our web services that must be performed for each user individually in the web browser, from which the user just works

5.4.5 Finally, for example, not to show you a cookie alert every time you visit the site. This information is stored locally in your device after your confirmation.

6. Changing the terms of use

6.1 The GYMIFY service provider reserves the right to change the terms of use. If the user continues to use GYMIFY, they agree to the current terms of use.

6.2 If there is a discrepancy in the interpretations of GYMIFY terms in different languages, the terms interpreted in the Slovak language are always superior to another languages.


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