Innovation and adaptability are indispensable components of building a successful fitness center, not only in software security but also in common matters such as sales. Thanks to GYMIFY store you have the opportunity to innovate this area. How?

GYMIFY store can be used in several different ways

  • You will sell products from our supplier and your only concern will be to take over the shipment and deliver it to the client - really, nothing more ... Everything will be done by the system
  • You choose your own products and sell them to the store - you get the perfect overview of your orders and you do not have to worry about forgetting something
  • GYMIFY store can also be used independently without the need to use a member system
  • The only thing you need is a tablet
  • You can set everything on your tablet or directly on GYMIFY
  • Clients can view the current product offer at any time directly on the tablet
  • If you use the GYMIFY software, the order is confirmed by a single card beep
  • The store is not limited by the number of items or the number of orders

Personal store

If you have a contractually agreed supplier, or you order products to your clients, you can choose your own products to shop. After ordering the products, the information will be transferred directly to the system and can be sent directly to the supplier, for example. Clients are informed about status by email in order to process orders.

Our suppliers

If you choose products from our suppliers, the system will do everything automatically for you. You do not have to bother with ordering, on a predetermined day the system automatically sends your order to our suppliers and they send it directly to your fitness center. You only have to pick up the order and give it to the client. The customer will also be notified automatically about the delivery of the order.

GYMIFY store