GYMIFY as a service exceeds the common features of similar software. The basic features that you can find in similar administrative software include, for example, membership management, ticket assignment, warehouse management, and statistics tracking.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, our system will ensure, for example

  • Clients rewarding
  • Booking system
  • Evidence and performance of employees
  • Presentation of your fitness center on our website
  • Trainer interface

And since we do not want to woo you with long texts, we'd better show you everything via skype.

Instead of regular smart card readers, we place tablets on the reception desk. They can read smart cards and open endless opportunities for clients.

And what exactly do we use them for?

  • Evidence of attendance of clients and employees
  • Displaying important information after each check in
  • Upload profile photos directly through the tablet's camera
  • Shop for nutritional supplements and fitness aids (optional)
  • Presentation of your gym and our brand and much more ...

Would not it be better to look at the screen personalized with your logo that than the plastic box card reader?

Do you have fitness supplements that you sell or order according to your clients' requirements? One way or another, there are a lot of administration and worries about orders.

And so we came with GYMIFY store. The "E-commerce store" that runs directly on the tablet and clients can order products that they get directly into the gym. You can choose from two options

  • You will sell products from our supplier and your only concern will be to take over the shipment and deliver it to the client - really, nothing more ... Everything will be done by the system
  • You choose your own products and sell them to the store - you get the perfect overview of your orders and you do not have to worry about forgetting something

Whatever you choose, you can not lose anything - tou can only EARN

Yes, but if you would like to link our system with a cash register, it would be necessary for the vendor to edit the software for communicating with GYMIFY.

Of course, many of the features we already offer today were created in this way. The software is so realistically adapted to the needs of fitness centers.

Yes, assuming your current vendor's collaboration, we can do the data migration within a few days.

Our vision is to connect fitness centers regardless of their size. Both small gyms and large sports centers are using GYMIFY. In order for our software to become available and interesting to everyone, our quotation starts from the average monthly ticket price.

Yes, it's one of the untraditional services that is not provided by a similar kind of softwares. Call us, we'll agree on the filming date, you'll invite your standing clients, and we'll do everything else. Part of the promotion is on our social networks and here on the web.

Of course. We do provide everything youneed to run the system, so if you want to try whether people like it or not, we can give you a tablet for the month. The system can be fully utilized even without chip cards, which we would additionally provide for you with your own personalization.

Then do not hesitate and write to us, or look at the map on our web page if you do not have a fitness center in which they already use GYMIFY. But of course, we will all show you during our skype call.


During the software running we found (as with every kind of electronics) that from time to time tablet starts doing what it wants.

There are the known disorders

  • Disconnect from WiFi
  • Disable WiFi connection
  • A problem with Google Play

If you have become a similar thing, there is no reason to panic, in most cases you can remove the disorder yourself within minutes.

If you already tried to turn the tablet on / off, you can reset your tablet to factory settings - it will probably fix your issue (go to Settings -> Backup & Restore-> Restore Factory Settings). Than just follow the instructions on the tablet.

Be sure to sign in with a Google Account where you do not have any personal information (we recommend creating a new one) and download the GYMIFY Reader from Google Play.

In this case, the problem may be either on your network or on our system. Therefore, first try to reboot the router and if the network is provided by an external company, some of the services we use may be disabled. If none of the options are yours, please write to us.

System parts that have more complex functionality are mostly described by the help found at the bottom of the critical part. If you did not find what you were looking for, do not hesitate to write to us or look at the FAQ here, maybe somebody already asked it before you.